AutoScheduler goes to ProMat and Discovers our WMS Solution Works

What Is ProMat?

ProMat is an annual trade fair for material handling and logistics. It is also known as the most important industry trade show in North America and offers solutions and tips in the material handling and logistics service industry. This year there were 500 exhibitors from the industry that displayed their supply chain solutions and innovations.

AutoScheduler’s Attendance

Here at AutoScheduler, we are sure to attend trade shows like ProMat to get more information about the industry and help discover our customers’ needs to ultimately better suit them. Throughout the ProMat show, we had a team focused on learning the needs of companies such as Locus Robots, AutoStore, Heyster Telemetry, Nexcaliber, and more discovered in the consumer goods sector. We thought it would be a good idea to compile some high-level thoughts on some of the market demands that we heard about the most:

  • Warehouse productivity
  • Warehouse path generation, increasing the productivity of yard workers and managers 
  • More in-depth dashboard and analytics 
  • Dashboard’s and analytics showing changes in demand in real-time 
  • Combatting against shocks to the “average day”
  • In-depth visibility on inbound and outbound shipments to help maintain an efficient workflow when there are unforeseen events that arise in the standard operating day  
  • Improving OTIF
  • Improving On-Time In-Full shipments (Set delivery windows and full quantities ordered)
  • Fleet visibility 
  • Visibility on all equipment as well as trucks inside of the gate
  • Reducing labor
  • Reduce labor and redundant efforts by increasing capacity 

Trade shows such as ProMat help AutoScheduler offer a more comprehensive solution by highlighting the pain points experienced in our space! It’s also a fantastic way to learn about up-and-coming technologies by innovative vendors. If you’re interested in learning more about ProMat or listening in to ProMat sessions, check them out here:

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