AutoScheduler Named a Top 20 AI Supply Chain Application

Posted by Inbound Logistics - July 2023

Artificial intelligence can help with everyday supply chain tasks—say filling out customs paperwork—as well as guide supply chain decision-making, enabling demand-driven responsiveness.

For small to mid-sized businesses and global corporations alike, artificial intelligence (AI) has far-ranging supply chain applications. AI-enabled solutions can ingest vast reserves of supply chain data, spot patterns, and generate human-sounding advice. And they can learn on the job—integrating with other technologies to sharpen their capabilities over time.

Here is a snapshot of how AI is currently being developed in supply chains:

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Artificial intelligence can sit on top of a WMS and make it more responsive to an organization’s needs.

AutoScheduler.AI is one WMS accelerator that optimizes resources to improve operations. The software shows who is doing what, where, and when, and draws up plans to help facilities minimize travel, reduce touches, ship on time/in full, and drive labor efficiency.

Its dynamic warehouse plans are injected into the WMS to optimize activities based on constraints and enable sites to run optimally.

The AutoScheduler.AI platform was developed with P&G and implemented at P&G, Unilever, General Mills, and other companies.

AI also supports advanced warehouse digital twin solutions such as Synkrato. The Synkrato Digital Twin integrates with the WMS, constantly ingesting data from multiple sources to create a real-time 3D representation of the warehouse.

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