AutoScheduler Named a Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest

Third Appearance on Prestigious List Highlights Centralized Warehouse Orchestration

Austin, TX - (June 11, 2024) – AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Orchestration Platform and WMS accelerator, announces that it has been named a 2024 Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest, the official magazine of Food Shippers of America (FSA). The Top Food Chain Technology program recognizes standout technologies in food transportation, logistics, distribution, and supply chain management. AutoScheduler was chosen for its warehouse orchestration solution, AutoPilot Central.

“Technologies that offer advanced optimization capabilities not only drive cost savings but bring predictability to the chaotic supply chain environment that exists in the market today for food shippers. We are honored to be recognized for the third time for this prestigious award as it recognizes that AutoScheduler is bringing real value and greater efficiencies to global businesses."

~Keith Moore, Chief Executive Officer, AutoScheduler.AI

“Technology is shaping today’s food chains today by creating more transparency and efficiencies. Supply chain technology is particularly important as platforms, applications, and innovators help to proactively avoid or navigate disruptions in the food industry. This recognition program highlights technology leaders that are readily available as resources and solutions to food shippers.” 

~Brian Everett, Group publisher and editorial director of Food Chain Digest

This is the third year that Food Chain Digest has deployed this recognition program as an initiative to serve as a resource to food shippers seeking new opportunities to leverage technologies in their supply chain strategy and execution.   

For food companies, AutoScheduler’s AutoPilot and AutoPilot Central ensure that supply chains operate at peak efficiency and that customer orders are received on time and in full. AutoScheduler drives higher degrees of warehouse labor utilization, reduces labor costs, and increases order fulfillment rates. Its advanced AI technology visualizes all operations at a distribution center and network of distribution centers to optimize labor, equipment, touches, and inventory to drive efficiencies while minimizing risks. AutoPilot Central gives supply chain executives a bird’s eye view across multiple sites for centralized command and control of an entire distributed warehouse network, alerting leaders which customers or shipments are at risk and where action can be taken to minimize the risk of failure.

Here’s how the program works: Nominations were received and reviewed by the staff of Food Chain Digest, with final audit by Food Shippers of America staff. Requirements of all candidates were that they are a pure technology provider or offer a solution that is a stand-alone product outside of traditional third-party logistics offerings. Nominees must have a minimum annual gross global sales of U.S. $5 million. Nominees also must have highlighted a recent example in the last 12-18 months of how the solution helped a food shipper accomplish a critical business goal.  

A second step in the process is that the industry votes for the nominated companies that have the strongest reputation and value in the food chain technology segment. New this year, the vote is limited exclusively to supply chain professionals with manufacturers, retailers and distributors in the food industry. Companies earning an adequate volume of votes or meet additional qualifications are then named to the list which is published by Food Chain Digest.  

To view a full list of companies named to the list, visit

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