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AI, ML, & Digital Twins Augment Workflows to Improve Distribution Operations

By Keith Moore – Posted April 6, 2023

Warehouse managers must ensure that shipments from the warehouse, whether individual parcel shipments or bulk packages, are sent cost-effectively to the delivery location on time and in full. Workflows within the warehouse start with processing orders, which involves picking the right products, packaging them appropriately, creating shipping labels, and sending the parcel or package to the right truck for delivery.

By augmenting workflows with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and digital twins, distribution operations can become more agile and responsive to changing market conditions and better adapt to customers' needs. These technologies can help distributors make more informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

AI Predicts Delivery Issues

Customers want to receive their shipments on time and in good condition and know their shipment status from the dock to the door. This involves communicating with customers about shipment status, addressing issues, and proactively seeking feedback to improve the overall customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve parcel shipping by using the data collected from past deliveries to predict delivery times and identify potential issues, such as delays due to traffic or other disruptions. Combining AI with real-time tracking sensors helps shippers update customers about their packages' location and estimated delivery time.

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