Why Companies Need Intelligent Warehouse Orchestration

By Keith Moore – Posted February 6, 2023

Analyst Insight: Warehouse management systems help businesses keep up with customer demand and order fulfillment. Yet, today's WMS needs more functionality for optimizing processes that incorporate current business constraints, such as labor shortages, too much inventory and transportation challenges. Warehouse executives benefit from using warehouse optimization technology that orchestrates activities within the warehouse so businesses can better meet customer deliveries on time and in full.  

According to a Gartner report, "Top Technology Trends Transforming Warehousing Over the Next 5 Years: Part 2, Handling Volatility and Complexity," published on January 13, 2022, "Warehouse resource planning will help drive higher degrees of warehouse labor and equipment utilization, helping reduce labor costs and increasing order fulfillment rates. This will come by optimizing work allocation while considering warehouse constraints." 

Warehouses need to adopt technology that deals with supply chain complexities, such as fluctuating consumer demand, fuel price increases, parts shortages and labor shortages. These challenges require sophisticated planning and scheduling solutions. Warehouses and distribution centers need advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to meet the growing deficiencies in today's WMS.  

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