AUTOSCHEDULER.AI FEATURED IN SUPPLYCHAINBRAIN - How Smart Warehouse Orchestration Helps Sustainability Efforts

By Keith Moore – Posted May 11, 2022

Businesses that focus on sustainability today increase customer loyalty, and help to create a brand that people are fond of and respect.

Sustainability efforts improve hiring practices because people want to work for a company that thinks about the future and the environment. To maximize sustainability and minimize environmental footprint inside a warehouse, everyone works in concert to get inventory shipped on time and in full, with no wasted movement.

In warehousing, the bigger and more complex the facility, the greater the carbon footprint. Warehouses generate much waste, from driving fork trucks the distance between Chicago and New York daily to wasting huge amounts of packaging materials, which are thrown into the trash bin when they could be recycled or re-used.

Beyond packaging and machine usage, environmental pollution occurs within a warehouse from heating, cooling and lighting equipment. Alternative lighting sources, natural light or timed lighting can help to lower energy usage in the warehouse.

To further improve sustainability in the warehouse and lower greenhouse gas emissions, businesses can use technology applications such as a warehouse management system (WMS), intelligent warehouse orchestrator and order-picking systems.

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