New Logistics Technology Market Map Seeks to Center Buyers of Logistics Technology and Services

Volunteer group develops first open-source effort to map technology innovations for global supply chain logistics. 

November 22, 2021 – Today, a group comprising representatives of Alcott Global, Cambridge Capital & BGSA, The Journal of Commerce (JOC) & IHS Markit, Thetius, and REFASHIOND Ventures & The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation released a market map of technology innovations for the global supply chain and logistics market.

The market map is the first open-source effort to develop a view of what is happening in the global logistics technology landscape, a topic that has become of growing concern and relevance as the COVID-19 pandemic has put global supply chains under severe strain.

The global logistics space, a major component of international supply chains, is a massive market that underpins 100% of global GDP. As a result of its size and scope, the best way to develop a comprehensive view of what is happening is through a collaborative and open-source effort that enables actors in different parts of the market to contribute their knowledge and expertise.  

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