AutoScheduler.AI Wins Food Logistics Top Software and Technology Providers Award

AutoScheduler is Revolutionizing the Way Warehouse Operations are Run

Austin, TX– (December 21, 2021) – AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, announces winning the Food Logistics 2021 Top Software & Technology Providers award, which honors software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain. AutoScheduler was chosen for driving efficiencies for the largest consumer goods, food, and beverage corporations in the world. The solution is revolutionizing the way warehouse operations are run.

"We are proud to be recognized for this prestigious award. The outputs of AutoScheduler used by distribution centers globally are proactive plans that minimize touch and maximize customer service. By seamlessly integrating with existing WMS and ERP systems, AutoScheduler’s powerful yet intuitive platform helps streamline operations across any facility.”

~ Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer AutoScheduler

“Software developments and emerging technologies are what make the world go ‘round. They’re what make supply chains move, even when the world stops. They’re what keeps people, products, and plants safe. They provide traceability, visibility, efficiency, and credibility. And, the winners from this year’s award prove that there are no limitations to what software and technology can do in the supply chain space.”

~ Marine Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive

AutoScheduler.AI is a WMS accelerator that visualizes all operations at a distribution center and optimizes labor, robotics, touches, and inventory to drive efficiencies. Instead of fragmented automated processes all performing in their operational silos, AutoScheduler is moving towards an era in which a greater level of cross-system orchestration is achieved. This will reduce costs, increase efficiency, and drive end-to-end supply chain value.

AutoScheduler creates a prescriptive plan to ensure that demand is met while respecting all constraints inside of the building like labor availability, inventory availability, task sequences, and more. This process enables a site to direct work effectively across human and robotic systems, leveraging the strengths of each while simultaneously considering all micro-flows that need to be completed to deliver customer orders effectively. The result is greatly improved efficiencies that ensure orders arrive in full and on-time with greater predictability.

Food Logistics is the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of products through the global food supply chain. Recipients of this year’s award will be profiled in Food Logistics’ Nov/Dec 2021 print issue. Go to to view the complete list of Top Software & Technology Providers. Go to to learn more about other Food Logistics’ awards.

About AutoScheduler.AI
AutoScheduler.AI is a supply chain analytics company focused on distribution center optimization that accelerates existing WMS capabilities with Intelligent Warehouse Orchestration. AutoScheduler's powerful yet intuitive platform helps streamline operations across your facility by seamlessly integrating with existing WMS and ERP systems. It provides dynamic dock scheduling, level loading labor, balancing inventory overflow, proactively cross-docking, eliminating redundant workforce allocation, and more. We add prescriptive analytics and drive efficiencies for companies like P&G and others. For more information, contact 

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