Why AutoScheduler IS Your WMS Accelerator - Reason #2

Reason #2 - Accelerate Your Warehouse Management System

AutoScheduler is a WMS accelerator created to help orchestrate poorly coordinated facilities. It adds value by improving OTIF, managing inventory, and creating dynamic schedules that are feasible and change as conditions shift.

AutoScheduler works by sitting on top of existing WMS, ERP, WMS Processand even YMS systems to understand the delivery expectations for all warehouses over the next 6, 24, and even 72 hours. AutoScheduler then algorithmically uses this information to identify inventory, capacity, and shipping constraints that will cause future challenges. These constraints can then be dynamically scheduled to ensure that when an inbound or outbound shipment arrives, the dock staff have the capacity to act on it.

Because of this constraint-based orchestration across all schedules, AutoScheduler is able to not only quickly
identify future issues, but also highlight the causes of those issues and potential resolution paths. This full-
scale orchestration also allows AutoScheduler to create opportunities, like shipping straight from the production
line or scheduling more cross docks.

At a single Procter & Gamble facility, these opportunities amounted to over $4 million in savings over a single year. View Case Study

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About AutoScheduler.AI
AutoScheduler.AI is a supply chain analytics company focused on distribution center optimization that accelerates existing WMS capabilities with Intelligent Warehouse Orchestration. AutoScheduler's powerful yet intuitive platform helps streamline operations across your facility by seamlessly integrating with existing WMS and ERP systems. It provides dynamic dock scheduling, level loading labor, balancing inventory overflow, proactively cross-docking, eliminating redundant workforce allocation, and more. For more information, contact www.autoscheduler.ai. 

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